Interior 16 Double JAC
Aluminum Seat Top X
Floorboards, Non Skid Vinyl X
Side Mount Rod Grippers Opt
Battery Switch (2-1, Both ) Opt
Center Console with Steering  Opt
Side Console, Steering and Controls Mount Opt
9" Plexiglass Windshield Opt
18" Plexiglass Windshield w/ Grab Rail Opt
Electrical Panel with 12 Volt Adaptor, Lights, & Bilge Pump Opt
Electrical Panel with 12 Volt Adaptor &  Lights Opt
Level Down Rigger Bracket Opt
Built In Tackle Box Opt
Cup Holders Opt
Factory Installed Electronics Opt
Bimini Top Opt
All Weather Seat, Swivel, Cuda Clamp Opt
Klamath Navi Seat, Swivel, Cuda Clamp Opt
Bench Edge for Cuda Clamps Opt
Boat features and options are subject to change, see your dealer for the latest information.
Trailer 15 JAC Wide
Spare Tire Opt
Spare Tire Carrier Opt
Transom Saver Opt
Nylon Bunk Slicks Opt
PVC Load Guides Opt