Bayrunner Baja



19 Bayrunner Baja Deep Vee with raked bow.

Bayrunner Baja Specifications and Options

360 degrees of fish fighting dance floor. Options galore such as a fully plumbed and concealed 22 gallon Kodiac Livebait Tank are available to dress this hull for whatever meat you are chasing.

17 Bayrunner Baja



19 Bayrunner Baja – available with 22 gallon, concealed or freestanding, oblong, fully plumbed bait tank.

High raking bow for extra protection against rough seas and slicing through chop.

A true slicing deep vee with a 20° bottom, and a 70° bow entry.

Extremely light weight aluminum hull, 60 Horses will move this boat with ease.

19 Bayrunner Baja with Tube Type Leaning post, rocket launchers, and folding foot rest.

21 Bayrunner Baja, the BIG FELLA.

The ultimate in fishing, stability, size, range, and weight.

One of the lightest 21′ aluminum hulls ever made.

Use this for big water. Available with a concealed or free standing, 32 gallon, fully plumbed, oblong bait tank.